Iconic Design

The X Shore 1 has been designed not just to look good, but also to be optimized for low resistance and maximum hull efficiency.

Stepped Sheer Line

The minimalist hull with stepped sheer line is not only a key element for recognition it also deeply relates to the function of the boat.

The hull is produced free from styrene and with significantly less plastics than comparable hulls. All thanks to X Shore Industries 1 - the most sustainable and efficient large scale leisure boat factory in the world.

Raised Freeboard

The raised freeboard in the forward area has allowed us to offer a generous forward cabin.

And as the freeboard steps down just aft of the A pillar it serves as seating for the social midship area of the boat.

Open Transom

The open transom really amplifies the experience of electric drive while underway - when at low speeds the only thing you will hear is the ocean.

Flared Out Bow

The flared out bow with its shield allows for easy embarking and disembarking.


Design and colors that let X Shore 1 naturally blend with nature. Pick your favorite from the colors Sandy, Moss and Coffee.


Forward Cabin

The forward cabin offers enough space for two to sleep and includes many different and clever ways to store your gear.

A designated area has been created to enhance convenience and accessibility for those who may benefit from a cooler and porta potty.

Forward Deck

The forward deck offers a generous corked sun deck onto which, if wanted, the customized cushions from the forward cabin can be laid out.

This in addition to the aft sun bed gives the boat two exterior sunbathing areas to hang out on.

Full Beam Sunbed

Once at anchor you will be able to enjoy a full beam sunbed and swim platform with full panoramic view of the best infinity pool that nature has to offer.

As the backrest of the sun bed is movable you can choose to have either a forward or aft facing sun bed.

Treasured cork deck

We keep the treasured cork deck on the X Shore 1 and will keep exploring new materials and production methods in-house and together with existing and new partners.

Lifestyle Functionality

The design allows for generous space to socialize, dine, do watersports, sunbathe, sleep and all other things that come with enjoying your experience at sea.

Movable Sunbed and Chairs

The sunbed is movable you can choose to have either a forward or aft facing sun bed.


Smart boating

Designed for drivers who want a seamless and enjoyable experience. The X Shore 1 comes with a new highly intuitive user interface with many innovative features. 

All into a smaller sized boat available to a broader market that can't necessarily fit a 26-foot boat into their life.

Much of the technology is, just like the Eelex 8000, connected to and handled by our wrist watch and our app. Whether you're a seasoned boater or a newcomer to the world of boating, the X Shore 1 is sure to deliver an exceptional and enjoyable ride.


From the helm the driver and passengers can manage the X Shore infotainment system, including music, sound and lighting, energy and route planning, weather, and notifications center.

Everything is managed from a central touchscreen with software designed by X Shore.


Much of the technology is connected to and handled by the X Shore app which also acts as a remote key.

Real-time data

X Shore collects data points, supplying you with accurate, real-time performance data that's accessible via the touchscreen and app.