Scott has been enamored by water since a young age. He learned to water ski at the age of five and taught himself how to sail by age ten. Little did he know this would one day lead to a career in the marine industry.

Scott has been a live-aboard on various sailboats since 2002. He has been fortunate to have pulled strings on various kinds of sailboats, in many of the most popular sailing venues in the United States. He has sailed the Caribbean a handful of times and has sailed up and down the West Coast numerous times.

He has been in the sailing industry now for more than twenty years and has been on board with Signature Yachts since 2019. Most recently Scott finds himself enjoying teaching and fixing all things sailing. He appreciates the various challenges that present themselves to our boat owners. He enjoys putting sailboats together, and then putting the pieces back when necessary.

Scott’s biggest enjoyment is the time he spends with his ten-year-old son, Kai, and is fortunate they both share a love for the water.