Tori joined Signature Yachts in 2002 following a 2 ½ year sailing trip in New Zealand and the South Pacific on “Sea Fever”, a 1956 Ben Seaborn 51’ custom sloop built on Lake Union. At the time, she thought she would give selling boats a try for a couple of years, and now, 20+ years later, she is at the helm of Signature Yachts following the passing of Robbie Robinson who was a dear friend and mentor.

Sailing and boating have always been an important part of Tori’s life, beginning early in the Puget Sound area and offshore. She grew up aboard a Hallberg Rassy 41 that her family sailed for 2 years from Seattle to the Caribbean in the late 70s. Her father was an airline pilot, and the benefit of his job was travel and the ability to live anywhere in the world, including on a boat! As a result, she lived an adventurous life (was spoiled rotten) and grew up in Portugal for 5 years, sailed from Seattle to the Caribbean for 2 years and attended English boarding school. She came back to the US for college and studied Geography Dartmouth College where she also pursued her athletic dreams playing both Field Hockey and Lacrosse.

For the last 30+ years, she sailed the Northwest on “Sea Fever” a wooden sloop built right here on Lake Union. After sailing her throughout our beautiful local waters for five years, the prospect of more offshore adventure inspired her to outfit the boat and set off for New Zealand & the South Pacific for the America’s Cup in New Zealand and the Millennium! She has lots of stories to tell! Tori continues to sail here throughout the Northwest & BC exploring and sharing experiences with others. She sold “Sea Fever”, after 24 years of ownership and ventured over to the “fiberglass side”. She decided to sail what we sell - “Papagaio” a beautiful Beneteau 473.