Jun 12, 2023 | Boating News

Sea Survival Course Prices

The RYA Sea Survival course price is currently £180 when you book with First Class Sailing. The one day course runs from Shamrock Quay in Southampton or Canary Wharf or Limehouse in London. You can view all available dates and then book today by clicking here.

Why book with First Class Sailing

Whilst you might find costs for the RYA Sea Survival course can vary from school to school, but it’s important to remember the value and quality of the teaching, the experience on the water, a national reputation, and positive customer reviews – all of which we have in abundance at First Class Sailing.

Not only will you learn valuable survival skills that will stay with you for life, but also receive an RYA Sea Survival certificate at the end of the day.

A guide to our Sea Survival course prices

When you book a Sea Survival course it should never just be about the price. You will find some companies’ costs are less than ours.

Some companies will be considerably cheaper, and they will likely be a ‘one man/woman, one boat band’. It is a challenging role, and we have a lot of respect for these operations. Because they have very low overheads, they can keep their prices down.

At First Class Sailing we have a team in the office focused on answering any questions you might have, making sure we are using top rate well paid instructors, ensuring our boats and classrooms are kept clean and well maintained and making sure that we live up to our Triple S Guarantee.

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