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Sailing Holidays for Beginners in the UK

For those new to sailing, it’s important to choose a holiday company that offers a safe and enjoyable experience. With over twenty years in the sailing lessons business, we are that provider, and offer a range of amazing sailing holidays for beginners. Whether you want to book for your whole family, with friends, as a couple, or come by yourself, we can help.

Before you explore the options, please don’t worry about being a beginner. On your holiday, our experienced skippers and crew will be on hand to guide you through the basics and help you build confidence on the water.

Latest deals on boating holidays for beginners

Browse our current offers below, or simply call us to discuss your requirements for what you want to get from your next break.

Cruise on the Golden Vanity

beginner sailing holidays on a classic yacht

One of our most popular family sailing holidays for beginners is aboard the Golden Vanity. A holiday on this classic yacht feels like stepping back in time, as you embark on a hands-on sailing adventure, visiting some of the most beautiful and popular cruising areas across the UK and Europe.

Destinations you can choose from include the Jurassic Coast, Channel Islands, and many more other stunning cruises.

We welcome a mix of people, young and old, families and friends that take the whole boat, couples, and people that come by themselves. It’s the perfect sailing holiday for beginners, as you can choose to be involved as much or as little as you like.

If you have never been sailing before, the Golden Vanity cruises will offer you an adventure on the sea, and an experience of sailing like no other.

Sail to the Isles of Scilly

Scilly isles

If it’s a boating holidays for beginners you want, but also something a little more exotic then why not try the Isles of Scilly? Admittedly it’s not the Caribbean, but this archipelagic gem is in the UK so offers a different experience to any other UK sailing holiday.

This option is perfect as a family sailing holiday, as beginners have the choice of two different yachts, one of which is set up for training and holidays. The other yacht choice is a luxury cruising yacht, equipped to sail anywhere in the world.

While sailing in the Isles of Scilly, there are more activities than simply being on the water. You can also explore the area on foot and take part in some of the gorgeous coastal walks available. You can enjoy sampling an afternoon tea, local pubs, restaurants, or chill on a beach.

The Isles of Scilly is also home to some of the UK’s rarest wildlife, such as Atlantic grey seals, Manx shearwaters, and basking sharks. During your Scilly Isles beginner’s sailing holiday, you’re likely to spot dolphins and porpoises at some point.

West Country Sailing

west country

Sailing in the West Country lets you take in views including rolling hills, prominent headlands and pretty seaside towns set beside rivers bustling with activity from all sorts of water craft.

In our opinion the West Country offers some of the best cruising in the world and lets beginners completely detach and get away from it all. Sit back and watch the world go by as we explore some lovely Devonshire and Cornish villages.

For those wanting to improve their skills on their beginner’s sailing holiday, you can work with an instructor coach you and offer tips.

Why our sailing holidays offer the perfect break

First Class Sailing holidays provide the ultimate holiday experience, so you can get a complete break from your daily routines. It will let you unwind and explore new destinations, whilst offering a unique and exciting experience for sailing beginners.

We offer a range of sailing holidays for beginners in the UK, to different destinations, on different boats, and for a range of time periods. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing trip or an adventure where you can learn how to sail, we have plenty of options to choose from.

After just a couple of days sailing with us, you could feel just as refreshed as you would after a week on a beach, so imagine how rejuvenated you could feel after a week or two of sailing!

The choice is yours.

What you will get from your beginner’s sailing holiday

Our sailing holidays are a unique way for beginners to learn a new skill while having fun. Here’s what you will get from a First Class Sailing holiday.

  • Learn a new skill: Learning to sail can take time, so taking a holiday to do it offers you the perfect chance to learn in a relatively quick timeframe. You can either learn the basics of sailing or to improve upon your existing experience.
  • Experience the outdoors: Sailing holidays offer a unique opportunity to experience the great outdoors. Spend your days exploring new destinations and taking in some amazing wildlife.
  • Meet new people: If you decide to come in a pair or by yourself, a sailing holidays makes for a fantastic social experience. Meet like-minded individuals who share your passion to learn sailing but are still beginners like you.

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