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Heavy Weather Sailing Tips & Techniques

    Sailing in heavy weather can be daunting for new or inexperienced sailors, so training and preparation is key. Below you can find a definition of heavy weather sailing, followed by a handful of tips and techniques. If you wish to gain confidence, then we recommend...

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Signature Events

2023 Fall Boats Afloat Show Recap

The 2023 Fall Boats Afloat Show was held at Lake Union Piers in Seattle September 14-17. Signature Yachts teamed with Denison Yachting and proudly displayed Beneteau Sail and Beneteau Power on "Beneteau Row" at the show. Signature Yachts had the following...

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Electrify Expo Recap

The Seattle Electrify Expo was held at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington September 9-10. Electrify Expo is North America's largest EV festival and it was electric indeed! Signature Yachts displayed the new X Shore Eelex 8000. Camera crews arrived before we...

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Homestyle Cooking at Sea

    During our trips, whether it’s a sailing holiday or an RYA course, we understand the importance of serving homestyle cooking at sea, hearty and delicious meals that cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring everyone on board is well-fed and...

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How Many Miles Do You Need for Day Skipper?

Before you sign-up to our RYA Day Skipper practical course, please note that there is a pre-requisite of how many miles of experience you have before you are accepted on the course. To start RYA Day Skipper, you will need to have logged at least 5 days and 100 sailing...

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