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“Learn to Sail” Holidays with First Class Sailing

If you’ve always wanted to learn to sail, but never quite found the right course, then combining your learning with a “learn to sail” holiday could be the perfect choice. We offer a wide range of learning to sail holidays that you can either take by yourself, with friends, or family.

No matter which you choose, they all offer a unique and adventurous way to take a holiday, whilst learning to sail. If you’re with friends and family, it gives you the perfect opportunity to bond, explore new destinations, learn new skills, and relax on the water and at multiple destinations. If you’re a couple or by yourself, all of this is still possible, as you will learn to sail with other like-minded people, all of whom are (literally) in the same boat as you!

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a complete novice, First Class Sailing have a “learn to sail” holiday package to suit all levels of experience and desire. Whether you want to be extremely involved and learn 24/7 with have all hands on deck or want to take it easy and sit back and let someone else take control for most of the time, there will be something to suit you.

We’ve split out different offerings into “learn to sail” holidays in the UK, or in Europe depending on where you want to go (European ones are lower down the page). Click through to find out more, including prices and booking details.

Learning to sail holidays in the UK

The Scilly Isles

Scilly isles

Why go all the way to the Caribbean when we have the Isles of Scilly on our doorstep? Learning to sail as you travel to the Isles of Scilly is an incredible experience. The holiday departs and returns from Falmouth in Cornwall on a nine day sailing trip.

With around 150 islands and only 5 inhabited, the wildlife makes exploring this enchanting archipelago set on the edge of the gulf stream a real delight, particularly when doing so by boat!

West Country Sailing Holidays

west country

We have a wide range of “learn to sail” holidays in the West Country, meaning you can set sail with a backdrop of rolling hills, prominent headlands and pretty seaside towns set beside rivers bustling with activity from all sorts of watercraft.

We believe the West Country offers some of the best sailing holidays you can hope to find. You can sit back and watch the world go by as we explore some lovely Devonshire and Cornish villages. For those that want to sharpen their sailing skills there will be an instructor on hand keen to coach and offer tips.

The Channel Islands

channel islands

We have several five and seven day trips to the Channel Islands on a variety of yachts. You will get lots of sailing in, as we stop at places such as Braye Harbour in Alderney, St Peter’s Port in Guernsey, anchorages off the Islands of Herm and Sark and St Helier in Jersey. We could also get to France if you like, with options for St Malo, possibly Cherbourg and maybe St Vaast.

Cruises on Golden Vanity

How about joining us for a hands-on sailing adventure, visiting some of the most beautiful and popular cruising areas across the UK. Stepping onto the decks of Golden Vanity feels like stepping back in time. This is one of the more active “learn to sail” holiday we offer in the UK.

You may never have been sailing before or you may be an experienced family of sailors looking for your next adventure on the sea.

Falmouth Classics


This eight day family sailing holiday lets you all be part of the pageant that is Falmouth Classics. You can soak up the atmosphere and be part of the event onboard our classic tall ship, Golden Vanity.

The cruise starts from Brixham and includes stop overs in places like Dartmouth, Salcombe, Plymouth and Fowey.

Our Golden Vanity boat was built in 1908. Down below she has all the modern comforts you would expect of a boat these days but on deck she is all tradition with block and tackle and tanned sails.

Learn to sail holidays in Europe

Norway Sailing Adventures to the Fjords and Back

norway adventure sailing

This is a 16 day voyage is a fantastic opportunity for you to improve your sailing. The journey will take you to Norway where you can explore the dramatic Norwegian Fjords and then sail back again.

This sailing holiday lets you learn to sail on a 72ft steel yacht which starts and finishes from Portsmouth. You’ll sail through one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, the Dover Straits, before heading up the North Sea to Norway where we will explore the outstanding natural beauty of the Norwegian Fjords.

Sailing to France

This “learning to sail” holiday takes 7 days and you travel to the Channel Islands and France.

Our modern yachts are all spacious cruising yachts with the accommodation arranged into double cabins and single berths in the saloon. They can take as many as eight people.

The benefits of learning to sail on holiday

If you’re still undecided on whether to book a sailing holiday, consider the benefits of doing so. It’s an amazing way to bond and learn to sail, as you will need to work as a team, communicate better, and trust each other.

If you have younger children, some of our trips are also suitable for them, and will help them learn valuable life skills, including problem-solving, decision-making, and responsibility, while having fun and creating unforgettable memories with their loved ones. You might even get them to put down their tech devices for a few days as they disconnect from technology and enjoy the natural beauty of the sea.

When you learn to sail with First Class Sailing, it will be an incredible break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Learning to sail on holiday will be hard work, but really depends on which holiday type you choose… as it can also be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, allowing you to unwind and recharge.

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