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How Much is the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Course?

At First Class Sailing we believe in being entirely transparent with our prices, so you don’t get any hidden costs when booking an RYA course with us. The prices for our RYA Yachtmaster Ocean theory course can be found along with current available dates on our booking page.

Below is a short overview on how much you can expect it to cost, and why our prices are set the way they are.

How much does the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean theory course cost?

The price for a Yachtmaster Ocean theory course currently costs £425 for one person. To take the course, you will need navigation skills to Coastal Skipper and or Yachtmaster Offshore shore based course standards.

The RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory Course examines astro-navigation, the use of the sextant and worldwide meteorology. It assumes a knowledge of all the subjects covered in all the other shore based courses.

For those that want the full Yachtmaster Ocean certificate, contact us and we can help arrange the 600-mile qualifying passage.

Where to take the course?

Courses are run in Southampton, London and on Zoom.

Why are some companies’ Yachtmaster Ocean course prices cheaper than First Class Sailing?

You might be able find a cheaper Yachtmaster Ocean price. But with us, you know you’re taking the course with one of the UK’s longest established and best regarded sailing schools, with years of experience in the game.

Have a look at some of our online reviews and hopefully you will see we are a good option to  choose for sailing lessons, courses, and exams.

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