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How Long Does the Sea Survival Certificate Last?

The Sea Survival Certificate does not expire. However, we do recommend you take the RYA Sea Survival Certificate every five years in order to keep yourself up to date and refreshed on new safety developments and equipment.

How long is RYA sea survival valid for?

If you are taking the RYA Sea Survival Course as part of the RYA/World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Qualification, then must do this Sea Survival course and the World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course.

If you have attended the RYA Sea Survival Course within the last five years it is still valid and you need only attend the RYA/World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course.

Please note, the Offshore Personal Survival qualification has to be renewed every 5 years. This means that if you want to update the Offshore Personal Survival you will need to redo the Sea Survival Course every 5 years.

Sea Survival Course prices

The cost of our RYA Sea Survival course is £180 per person. The course can be taken either at Shamrock Quay in Southampton, or in Limehouse or Canary Wharf in London.

What do you do on a Sea Survival Course?

Our RYA Sea Survival Course consists of two parts and starts at 9.30am with a classroom session. During the classroom based element of the course you will learn about crucial safety equipment, flares, life-rafts, distress beacons and lifejackets including their safe use and operation with an opportunity to examine the equipment at close quarters.

We will also discuss various survival risks such as hypothermia, cold shock, and then how to prepare to abandon ship, and search and rescue procedures.

The second part of the course a practical session conducted in a swimming pool. Wearing clothes, you will be given hands-on experience with lifejackets (including activating the inflation mechanism) and practice drills including boarding and behavior in a life raft.

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