Aug 24, 2023 | Boating News

First Class Sailing Seeks Crew Members for Inshore Round the Cans, Hamble Winter Series

First Class Sailing, a leading name in sailing experiences, is excited to announce the search for dedicated and enthusiastic crew members to participate in the competitive inshore round the cans Hamble Winter Series. This thrilling event is set to take place during the months of October, November, and early December.

The yacht taking part in this series is none other than the Espresso Martini Too, a vessel meticulously crafted for both speed and precision on the water. As the 42nd iteration of the series approaches, the race will kick off on the 8th October, 2023, and continue until Sunday, 3rd December, 2023. Yachts registered for the main series will engage in two races per day on the initial four Sundays, followed by one race per day on the subsequent four Sundays, after the daylight-saving shift.

There will also be a dedicated training weekend to be conducted prior to the commencement of the inaugural Sunday race. Furthermore, four Saturdays will be dedicated to training sessions ahead of each subsequent race day.

The heart of this race format revolves around inshore yacht racing, guiding participants around designated markers. The yacht has an extensive sail wardrobe for these adrenaline-pumping races that comprises of racing mainsails, headsails and a large number of spinnakers that are carefully selected to align with the prevailing wind conditions.

Previous racing experience is advantageous, though sailing experience is a must. The high-performance Espresso Martini Too, a Farr 40 yacht boasting 40 feet in length and a weight of 5 tonnes, takes the spotlight in this event. MCA coded to Category 2 standards, the yacht is characterised by its hands-on nature, underscoring the significance of teamwork.


September 30/October 1 – Training Weekend

October 7/8 – Saturday Training, Sunday Racing

October 14/15 – Saturday Training, Sunday Racing

October 21/22 – Saturday Training, Sunday Racing

October 30 – Racing

November 11/12 – Saturday Training, Sunday Racing

November 26 – Racing

December 3 – Racing

Charlie Tulloch, Principal at First Class Sailing, comments, “It’s not just a few races; it’s a test of teamwork and individual dedication. We’re thrilled to invite people to take part in this challenging but rewarding race series.”

For more information on the Hamble Winter Series and to register please visit here.


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