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Day Skipper on Your Own Boat: How it Works

Whilst most sailors will take our RYA courses on boats belonging to First Class Sailing, it is also possible to take Day Skipper on your own boat with our instructors. There are some things to consider including the safety equipment you have on board: here’s how it works.

Doing Day Skipper on your own boat

You will need to put aside five days to complete Day Skipper on your own boat, but they don’t necessarily need to be consecutive. The days can be spread into a group of two days and another of three days if it’s easier for you. Ideally, we will go to a different marina or harbour or anchorage each night rather than returning to your own mooring.

You will also need to provide evidence that you have the prerequisites for Day Skipper, for example having logged at least five days and one hundred sailing miles of which no fewer than 4 hours should have been completed at night. You will have completed the Day Skipper Theory course (or at least have knowledge to the same level) and completed the Competent Crew course or have done some sailing to the standard of being a ‘competent crew’ member.

In addition to this experience, you should have your own VHF Radio License (view our VHF course) but not a problem if you don’t at this stage. Our instructor will have a license.

Requirements for your own boat

For a First Class Sailing instructor to come to your own boat and conduct a Day Skipper course providing the boat is between seven and fifteen metres long. You will also need to confirm that you have the following basic safety equipment on board.

  • Lifejackets/harnesses (one for each person on board) plus jackstays.
  • MOB Lifebelt, light, drogue and ideally a danbuoy.
  • Flares.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Ideally a gas alarm.
  • Fog horn.
  • VHF Radio.

How much it costs to do Day Skipper on your own boat

You will need to feed the instructor and accommodate him/her either on board or ashore.

Quotes vary and generally only differ depending in on how far away your boat is from our Southampton base/instructor’s home.

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