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The promise of long cruises

The Trawler range is smart without being difficult, balanced without being bland. She has reinvented what a trawler can be and does not compromise on space, with more room and amenities aboard than you would find in a traditional trawler.

Designed for traveling long distances, she opts for a nimble yet stable hull that provides both comfort and solid, positive handling in all weather. If boats had souls (and she just might have one), hers would yearn for that destination just over the horizon, and if yours does too, the Swift Trawler is the perfect match.

SIZE: 37 to 62 feet

Swift Trawler 35


Swift Trawler 41


Designed to cut through high seas over long distances, Trawlers prompt you to explore Norwegian Fiords, before setting a southern course to Gibraltar and then on to explore the Ionian Islands. With a powerful, reliable, efficient engine that also saves fuel, Trawlers have an excellent cruising range and can sail for hundreds of miles at speeds approaching 10 knots.

With beautifully balanced flowing lines, the entire Trawler line has a semi-displacement hull and the Grand Trawler 62 a displacement hull. This contributes to their performance and excellent sea keeping.

Swift Trawler 48


Swift Trawler 54



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