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The First SE meets the challenge of providing keen sailors with a light, planing, high per-formance sailing yacht with great racing sensations, while guaranteeing safe sailing.

Easy to trail, rig and launch, they facilitate moving to various sailing sites for regatta racing and can also be used to enjoy exploring and coastal cruising.



SIZE: 14 to 27 feet

First 14SE


First 18SE


Designed for regatta enthusiasts, the First SE stands out for its liveliness under sail, even in very light air. Sailing at windspeed is within everyone’s reach.

With its optimised weight and extremely generous sail plan, it planes easily downwind and offer real thrills to anyone who likes a combination of fun and speed. Sailing at a speed of 10 to 15 knots, it leaves a perfect wake, as if mounted on tracks.

You would not guess it at first glance, but the First SE is light and, since you can lift the keel completely, it is easy to trailer. The very light carbon mast can be fitted and removed alone without lifting facilities.

All the models in the line are trailerable by a passenger vehicle, so this means that you can take your First SE to various sailing grounds to enjoy regatta racing, so the world is your oyster.

First 24SE


First 27SE



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