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BENETEAU’s historical line places the emphasis on speed and design, and the pleasure is the same whether you are cruising or racing. This mixed use is specific to the First, which proudly boasts a taste for performance at sea, even in light air.

Designed by well-known architects, the boat has left its mark on performance cruising, and it is now the gold standard.


SIZE: 14 to 53 feet

First 14


First 24


As soon as you cast off, you feel the thrill of sailing a First. All it takes is to hoist the sails and these fast cruisers give their best performance.

Thanks to a taut hull that is specially designed to be light weight, the boat flies along in the slightest breeze. Look out for the puff that propels the First forward and enjoy its surfing potential at any speed.

The First sailing yachts are designed to make sailing easy and exciting, so that everyone can enjoy the sailing experience.

They are reassuringly stable, even in a good breeze, and they are always safe and a pleasure to sail, no matter how big or small your crew is.

First 27


First 36


First 44


First 53


Similar to the IMOCA or Class40, the new First 36 and First 44 have their own legacy, built on considerable technical expertise.

The FIRST yachts are designed and developed by a design team of architects, designers, engineers, our partner sailmakers, and mast and deck fitting manufacturers to optimise every detail and ensure that they all have the latest technology and expertise.


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