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Adventure Sailing Holidays with First Class Sailing

Taking an adventure sailing holiday with First Class Sailing is a unique and challenging way to explore the water and improve your sailings skills, all whilst combining the thrill of adventure with the relaxation of a holiday. With over twenty years of experience in running a sailing school, we are perfectly placed to offer you the adventure of a lifetime.

Below you can browse our sailing adventure holidays and choose a trip that offers you a chance to disconnect from the stress of everyday life.

Take an adventure sailing holiday to Norway

norway adventure sailing

You will need to be healthy and reasonably fit to book our adventure sailing holidays, and this Norway trip is no different. 16 day adventure on a 72 foot steel yacht starts and finishes in Portsmouth.

You’ll sail through one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, the Dover Straits, before heading up the North Sea to Norway where we will explore the outstanding natural beauty of the Norwegian Fjords.

After 5 or 6 days of cruising you will sail back to Portsmouth. Sailing to Norway and back will log you about 1,500 miles.

If it’s adventure you want, the Norway holiday has it in buckets.

But perhaps you want something that could require even more stamina…

Take an adventure sailing holiday to the Dover Straits, Dunkirk, IJmuiden, North European Coast, Kiel Canal, Baltic Sea, Copenhagen

adventure sailing holidays

Your adventure starts onboard Nectaris, our 42 foot fast cruiser. It leaves from Southampton, then to Copenhagen in Denmark and back again. We will be getting there and back with two mile-building legs in each direction, with a changeover stop in IJmuiden (the north sea port closest to Amsterdam).

There are 4 legs to choose from on this adventure of a lifetime.

  • The first leg goes from Southampton to IJmuiden in the Netherlands on 12-18 June (319nm)
  • The second leg goes from IJmuiden to Copenhagen on 19-25 June (430nm)
  • The third leg is from Copenhagen to IJmuiden on 17-23 July (430nm)
  • The fourth leg is from IJmuiden to Southampton on 24-30 July (319nm)

These are predominantly mile building trips and great for anyone working towards Yachtmaster or just wanting to build miles and get experience of sailing along the South coast of the UK, through the Dover Straits, along the north European coast, through the Kiel Canal and in the Baltic.

Why choose us for adventure sailing holidays?

Sailing provides a sense of freedom and adventure that is hard to find elsewhere. Our adventure sailing holidays will test you and your limits but will also let you learn the ropes with our experienced crew and instructors.

We are based in Southampton and offer a range of RYA sailing courses and activities. We are an accredited RYA Training Centre, so meet the highest standards of safety and quality. We also have the Triple S Guarantee that ensures everyone receives the best training possible.

This means we can transfer all that knowledge into the most exciting sailing holiday experience possible. When you book with us, you will experience the adventure, excitement, and freedom of sailing while learning from experienced instructors who are passionate about being on the water.

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