Jul 24, 2023 | Boating News

6 Reasons to Introduce Your Colleagues to Sailing

So you love sailing, and you know (like we do) there’s nothing better in the world, but how do you convince your colleagues at work to test the waters? We have just the tips!

  1. Let us come to your office and teach RYA theory courses, at a discounted rate. All we need is a meeting room (we’re sure you have plenty of those). This can be after the normal working hours.
  2. Following your theory courses, book a practical course with us – come with your team for some hands-on sailing and of course team bonding. Your People/HR team will love you for it.
  3. We’ll create the flyers to pin on notice boards, along with other marketing material, and handle all enquiries and bookings, giving you more time to go through your mountain of work emails.
  4. The courses at your office will be great for networking at all levels, giving a chance for the new trainee to speak to the CEO.
  5. You learn something new, and it aids your personal development (another few bonus points coming your way).
  6. Once you’ve done your theory and are ready to hit the water, think of the escape from the desk that you and your colleagues all deserve! The sound of the waves are waiting for you…

Get in touch, and we’ll get the ball rolling!


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