Fountaine Pajot Queensland 55 MY


The QUEENSLAND MY 55, fulfi ls all the requirements of the MOTOR YACHTS range and of the Flagship Class: autonomy, speed, low consumption, limited wake; but she also presents an exceptional living area, both on the Main Deck, with its Terrace and in the Saloon on one level, as well as on the Flying Bridge and the passenger cabins.

Designed for long distances in one haul, the QUEENSLAND MY 55 does so in complete safety and with great comfort.

Wonderful Living spaces

The Fly bridge of the QUEENSLAND MY 55 is in itself a true extra room with a sea view.

A vast, protected cockpit : A true place for receptions with a very fi nearea for eating, it also has a solarium at thestern and opens onto a vast saloon on thesame level.

A magnificent saloon : A place for exceptional receptions, the bright saloon with its panoramic view offers unequalled conviviality and comfort.

Intimacy in the hulls

The QUEENSLAND MY 55 comes in 2 versions for an adapted programme offering intimacy and services equal to those in a high class hotel. In the MAESTRO version, one complete hull is dedicated to the owner apartment with, in the aft part, a very big owner cabin and, in the fore part, an area which could be used as a laundry and a storage area.

A MOTOR YACHT both economical and competitive

The QUEENSLAND MY 55 guarantees 40 % less consumption in comparison with a monohull of the same size with equivalent performances.

The Fly bridge of the QUEENSLAND MY 55 is in itself a true extra room with a sea view.
  • Length over all : 16,75 m / 55 ft
  •  Beam over all : 7,80 m / 26 ft
  • Displacement unloaded : 28 T
  • Draft : 1,10 m / 3.60 ft
  • Standard power : VOLVO 2 x 435 CV / 2 x 320 KW
  • Capacité des réservoirs / Tank capacity
  • Fresh water : 1 000 l (approx.) / 264 US gallons (approx.)
  • Fuel : 4 000 l (approx.) / 2 x 1 057 US gallons (approx.)
  • Versions :
  • Maestro/ Owner : 1 suite propriétaire + 1 sdb privée + 1 cabine double + 1 twin
  •      1 owner suite + 1 bathroom + 1 double cabin + 1 twin
  • Quatuor / Quatuor : 2 cabines doubles + 2 twins / 2 double cabins + 2 twins
  • Architect : Andrieu Yacht Design
Our Service Department will provide you with initial yacht commissioning, warranty support, optional equipment additions, repairs, and routine preventative maintenance packages to ensure you enjoy the best possible ownership experience.

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